dsc02012dsc01971 Rain since yesterday! This is a big relief, we have been soooo dry. The birds are out flying all over the place. All I have to do is look out and see them winging from bush to tree to stump to feeders and off again. Somehow it feels like Saturday, don’t ask me why, maybe it’s just so gloomy that it feels like a day that you would sleep in or take a long nap.
The cold front sitting on top of us is keeping the temperature high at about 60 today – UGH! But at least we have electric unlike some cities up north.  Carbs the duck is still hanging around and the white twins come every day to spend time with him. I cannot figure out why this poor duck has no group it’s attached to. Is it his ugliness? The duck has huge, red cysts looking knobby things on his face and on the back of it’s neck. It’s funny feet have shades of yellow marbling. It is a very funny looking duck, but Muscovy’s are like that.
I’d light a fire, but there is nesting material up there that has not been cleaned out and I’m not getting up on the roof today – no falling off a slippery roof for me! Last night I was moving a stack of pictures in frames for an upcoming exhibit and I did not see the hassock in front of me and went flying over it. I luckily didn’t break anything or even the pictures. But talk about black and blue, yep, my legs hitting the hassock and my left arm that took the main blunt force looks like I was a victim of some type of  gnarley altercation. I think if anyone asks, I’ll just say I was trying to photograph a Florida black bear and got mauled, at least it sounds more exciting than falling over a stupid hassock from T.J. Maxx – (Well, I was the stupid one for not looking down)…