100_4769 Despite a cold morning with steam rising off the lake yesterday, the afternoon went up to 76. That’s the perks of living in Florida, that winter sun really tries harder for us!
Carbs the duck was here and I decided to go to Sanford to do a few things and take some pictures, (see those at http://printzandart.blogspot.com )  Had fun with my assistant camera man and son Adam as we saw lots of birds and
even enjoyed a swing on the wonderful long porch swings they have over looking the lake. It is so relaxing I would highly recommend this as “hydro”therapy.
I took some pictures of the green nasty pond near our house, it was pea soup quality: 100_4776 What our own Local government does not recognize is the need for aeration for these ponds. Small fountains using some sort of solar power is what we need, plus I still want my windmills for around the lake, but I am looked at as a looney tune at the mere mention. I just hate seeing stagnant water where algae piles up. It could easily be partially eliminated naturally by constant water movement, plus my lake needs grass carp.  Last night I was fishing amidst the locals:
12409waterbirds-1 and caught a couple bream for the heron. The night was beautifully draped in pinks.

This morning Carbs the duck has disappeared. I don’t see that duck anywhere. Hope it had a nice vacation here, I sure do, everyday — appreciate the little things… have a great day!  100_4819