100_4719 Last night it got to freezing and it made a very nice looking frost on the grass. Somehow many of the plants froze, but of course, the damn weeds are fine! They look perky, too perky, they pop right out in their perkiness. Why bother with all the good flowering plants, I should just let the weeds take over! 100_4740 Carbs the duck was waiting by the lake for his twins to swim over. The duck looked very happy on a bed of dead plants it had kind of shaped for a nest. The bird looked quite cozy, and got up when it saw me waiting to see if I had put out the bird seed yet, (I had)!  The anhinga sat on my fishing chair and left a secret  message in white scrawled across the bottom of it.  100_47431 It leaves many messages on that chair, so many that I can’t even begin to know what that bird is telling me.  It leaves before I can even ask it.  In the evening, the bird comes and sits on the pine tree to my right and mocks my fishing luck to the other birds. I hear it laugh loudly as it relays to it’s friends around the lake that I am hardly catching anything OR, maybe it is telling the fish to dive deeper. Every night that bird comes to watch then leaves. I always wonder where they all go at night? The cranes always take off toward the east, the woodstorks that fly overhead always go west. I know exactly where the heron is, but the ducks fly off in many directions. The only flying pattern I can totally verify is the one airliner over my head every night around 5:45 each night! I know those wings are headed toward Ireland.
The twins hurried over once the sun was full blown. They look so choreographed as they swim in synchronized strokes.  Those white ducks stay and keep the muscovy company most of the day. 100_4778
The cats did not even want to go out at all this morning, 12209ringounderchair-1 I opened the sliding glass door and the cold blast of air convinced them to stay where it was warm. I was the only one crazy enough to brave the freezing cold in two shirts, a sweater, my heavy jacket, sweat pants and thick socks and boots and gloves, and that was just to stay warm in the house!  But I did manage to feed the birds and take pictures except that my camera turned into an icicle in my hands!