112408cranefamily-2 This is one of the last family photos I have of the baby crane with his folks, he’s the one in the middle. They have kicked him out and I have not seen him for over a week! He has gone to join others of his age which is exactly what he is supposed to do. In the meantime the parents are on a honeymoon and enjoying each other 100_4480edit They do silly dances and posturing and flirt wildly with each other.

Soon, in another month or so, I hope that somewhere not too far away, the female will lay a new egg or two, (I’m hoping two this time). I doubt they will net on the marsh as the water is still to high. I am just hoping it is once again within sight. And since the baby crane, (who I refer to as a baby, but was fully grown) left, a muscovy duck showed up and has been hanging around. 11609muscovyc-1 This funny looking duck has decided to adopt my property as it’s own, for now. It could be swimming to any of the 20+ lakefront homes, but has somehow decided to ‘camp’ here for now. The duck showed up the day after the baby crane left.  This duck is wild, and is shy about my approaching, but loves eating the bird seed at the stump and especially the bread crumbs left for the other birds. My daughter has named it Carbs.  Carbs has been happy enough, it swims around eating water weeds and sleeps on the shore.  And two days ago, 2 very white pristine looking ducks decided to come and hang out with Carbs. 100_4637

They actually live across the lake, I have seen them from afar months ago, but suddenly they have discovered Carbs and now seem to spend most of their days hanging out with him. 100_46521 So now I have 3 new ‘friends’ to photograph.
When I was fishing a couple nights ago, the heron came down as Carbs was waddling about on the shore. The heron did what the cranes do to him, he chased Carbs offshore into the water. But Carbs just moved over to give the heron a bit more space. And that’s how it is, birds and ducks come and go around here. They really act like we do: they form close family units, they show jealousy, they flirt, they get mad, they bully each other, the teenagers leave home and there is always drama. As for me, I get to be ‘chronicler’ –  maybe I should just make a duck-umentary….100_4703-002_edited-1