100_3969100_3975100_3987100_3978 The day started out completely fogged over. You could hardly see the lake — the anhinga was shrouded in the mist too. Then the sun came up and burned it all off. It was 81 for a winter Florida day — not bad at all! When it came time for fishing my heron was waiting. Then it became a battle of dominance by the sandhill cranes who kept chasing the heron off. Finally the crane family left and the heron has his visitor come down and they eyed each other with all their head feathers up, and then the visitor left.
The fishing was not too bad, caught 5 fish, but no bass. The heron stayed with me as usual till it got dark and the mosquitos came out to ‘vampire’ me. What a terrific way to end the day with so much fun watching bird wars. Thank goodness they are only bird brains can cannot bomb each other because of their differences. We humans have too many brains, not enough time for pleasure and too much stress. Not me, I like my life the way it is, fishing daily is the best way to drown any worries!