We needed the air conditioners on today – it was into 80’s and very humid. Thought we might get massive rain, but only a short shower and it seemed like Sunday all day for some reason. But the scenery was wonderful and all our birds were around us. Though I left to go to a dinner at a friends and wonder if the heron was waiting for me at his usual time of 4pm. He is usually walking up to my house from the lake by then so he can escort me back to the lake.
The family and I had a terrific day except my youngest who works in a grocery and says they were slammed all day and came home too exhausted to even care about opening his gifts and went right to sleep!

I was outside at 11pm and noticed how bright and broad Venus is – it sure looks like a huge bright star and I guess many mistake it for the northern star. I have not used my telescope in a while, it’s actually broken and the mirror is always falling off. One day I will get a good one as it there is nothing like seeing Jupiter and Saturn and knowing how far away they really are. It is really “spacey” pardon the pun!   And of course we must include visiting Bella the chihuahua, she’s all smiles in her festive gold bow. She’s all smiles when she has all our attention, but she is not all smiles when she comes across the cats, she is smaller than they are, but thinks she is the boss over them! The cats accomodate her noisy tirades by tormenting her as they sit looking outside the sliding glass door where they can stare in and Bella can keep banging her head repeatedly into the glass trying to get them as they smuggly look on, cats are sadistic like that.