122108heronnestinga-1_edited-1100_3715100_3719 The herons are finally nesting. My heron came down to my shoreline this morning and had a mouth full of branch. It stayed long enough for me to take a picture and then took off. I watched it soar up up into the familiar tree and stand with the branch until it disappeared into the thick tangle of branches. I love it when they nest, I was hoping maybe they would opt for my pine, but it is just too barren.  Oh well, it does not matter as long as they keep building a colony of family. Since I have lived here there have been at least a dozen baby heron. It’s really fun when the folks are teaching them to fly. But that is about three months after they are born. So looks like we will have new years babies in about 27 days!  Look forward to keeping your eye tuned to the sky!
P/S – I have since learned that my heron that comes down while I fish is NOT one of the nesting herons!