Cardinals everywhere lately, they come early, stay late. I hear their sweet-talk most of the day.When I came out this morning, Ringo was waiting by the stump, pretending to be invisible to see if he could fool some birds, but he didn’t,  they would fly right over him and laugh on their way to the bird feeders in my trees. One little sparrow was on the stump as Ringo was looking straight ahead, (click on pic and it should enlarge.)  I brought Ringo in for breakfast and once his belly was full, he was asleep for hours on a chair on the porch. While he slept the cardinals, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, sparrows, doves and others flew around looking for seed.
On the news New York looked so cold and about to get worse with all kinds of snow. There were power outages in the northeast and some airports had to delay flights by 5 hours because of the snow. It looked so crazy out on the roads where the flakes had even packed Las Vegas. I’m glad there is not any snow and cold like that down here! Right now the citrus is ripe and loaded on the trees and the doors and windows are wide open. If it’s a white X-mas you want, feel free to stay up north, you can keep it,  I’ll take the mild, sunny winter of Florida anytime, (this coming from an Ohioan transplant)!  Right now the trees are humming with birdsong, the ducks are swimming and quacking on the lake, the flowers and oranges blooming, our roads are teeming with snowbirds and Ringo is snoring – it’s in the upper 70’s,  Ho Ho Ho…