Ringo the cat is known around the neighborhood as “psycho kitty”. His moniker comes from him doing crazy things, like acting as if he really likes that you are petting him and then suddenly he turns on you and claws and bites. I have seen him jump on the back of a German shepherd being walked down the street. Ringo appeared from nowhere and jumped on the rear end of the dog and then jumped off before that dog could react, but Ringo kept harassing the owner and the dog by following them up the street and threatening to do it again.
Ringo loves to kill birds, kill snakes, and maybe he thinks he can take on the cranes. Well, tonight as we were down at the lake doing our nightly fishing, the heron was there and so were the cranes. The cranes chased the heron off and suddenly set their sights upon Ringo who was watching my bobber while sitting on the concrete blocks. next thing I know Ringo looks like he will be blinded by 3 eager sandhill cranes. Ringo is flat, ears pressed tight against head and he is ready to be the Kung Fu master who kicks crane butt and fights to the finish like Bruce Lee.
I have seen Ringo fight and it is not pretty, though he does not fight with his adopted brother and sister cats in my household, (remember the neighbors left him with me when they moved north, but each day he goes  next door to perfect his ‘whoop ass’  on the neighbor’s cats!  Tonight the cranes got in Ringo’s face and I had to do a fast intervention and stand between the two warring factions and chase the cranes off. I was afraid Ringo might have a couple loose eyes had I not moved in between them.
By the way I never saw that German Shepard being walked up this road again…
Some around here would say Ringo deserves it, (especially my neighbors who own cats that Ringo beats up on,) but it’s just like being the mom of the kid that everyone can’t stand and yet the mother ignores it and can’t admit that her child is a monster. And that is how it is with Ringo, now that he is ‘my son’, I don’t see anything but those beautiful, loving blue eyes.  My Ringo?  He is an angel, well, maybe the arch angel of the underground….ringofishing120808-2