Today it is gray and this morning the heron appeared down by the lake, so I thought I would toss out the old line early to see if I could catch it some breakfast. Well, as soon as I walked down near the lake that heron flew off and my regular heron flew up. The other heron was the biggest one, he remained on the shore in the yard to my right, and suddenly another heron came and landed in the neighbors on the left. The heron in my yard promptly chased that one off. I didn’t catch anything, but I laughed at the game of musical herons, one would land, one would chase it off. I see there is a three heron hierarchy within this group. I thought my heron was the smallest, but the one it chased off was smaller. At least i got some nice pics, they will be on http://printzandart.blogspot.com later today, after I go get some lunch, all that chasing made me hungry…