Last night as I fished with the heron and Ringo, an amazing dramatic sight grew out of the east, out of the horizon came this huge gold ball emerging from the trees going up and up like an ascending balloon. All I could do is put my rod down and watch as the swollen satellite emerged above the lake with it’s twin below it. It was just amazing and also cold. Our weather since that rain front (that never turned into the squall) brought us low 40’s again last night.
The moon framed in green palm leaves was taken before 7am and the moon was still big and gloating, and ready to rival the sunrise, though the sun has not challenged it quite yet.
The other night, Thursday before the cold front, the moon was full and I went out at about 2am, the sky was so bright and the clouds were moving very very fast and as I looked up, it felt like I was moving with it, being swept away, like when you are on a fast boat and watching the sky above , the puffy white clouds were busy racing. It almost was enough to make me dizzy… or maybe that was just being moonstruck