Went there on a fluke today, it is right off 17/92 on state rd 434.

Do you have any idea how many times I have driven on 434 and noticed the Acme Superstore sign and driven on by? I bet most of you who live near Longwood have done the same thing. But today I pulled in and what a wild place it is! A million different faces stare you down when you walk in, faces we are mostly familiar with!
Superheroes, monsters, trolls, comics, scary things, happy things, Starwars figures, etc etc. They say there are a million items and I believe it! I had so much fun taking photos with so many faces and figures to look at. So many collectibles that people of any age would enjoy looking around this store. And the staff was completely happy and helpful, they truly seemed to be enjoying their environment.
The place is about 7000 sq. feet with a ton of inventory. Rooms and more rooms filled with memories, from Flintstones figures, to Matchbox toys, to trolls, to the more recent action figures all well organized up and down the aisles. You could keep going around and around and always find something new every time. And if you love comics, this is comic Nirvana! Go, take the whole family because there is something anyone can look at and say they had one, like their favorite Batman character, etc etc..This was a place that puts a smile on your face as soon as you put the car in park! Now get out and go, have fun, take the kids and watch their eyes light up, it’s waaaaaay cool!
And artists, if you do Japanese anime, or fantasy paintings, get with the owner and try and get something in the works to organize one spring afternoon of art work and selling your paintings and meeting the artists, it would be a great day for the public to see what talented fantasy artists we have in the area.
The place is open 7 days, what’s stopping you?

website:  acme-superstore.com
phone number 407-331-0433