112408bascaught1 Flying wings all over the Mayfair Golf Course today: ducks, heron, cranes, woodstorks, woodpeckers and golf balls. Bird crap all over and so much activity. I was in the car on my way to lunch and noticed the feathered menagerie at the golf course and pulled over to take a few pics. One woodstork had a large bream and was trying to eat it, but the fish was clearly too large and the stork flew away in frustration leaving the fish flopping for water. I threw it back, no worries. My biggest fear was that either bird dung or a golf ball might fly through the air and whack me!

When I got home I went fishing and as I stood at the lake, caught a nice sized bass!  I watched the wings of airplanes flying over head on their way to the Sanford International Airport. I had the cranes fly past on their way to bed. I thought that golf balls and bird poop hitting me would be bad, but when I realized the ‘big metal bird’ over my head might bombard me with big hunks of human “green ice”, It made me think that everything with wings has serious discharge issues, whether it is feathered or steel or small as a ladybug, it made me wonder how much ‘crap’ is actually flying around and landing on me without me really knowing it? Maybe I need a plastic suit when I go birdwatching again? I guess it was really me who has the issues, the winged things drop their loads and go, all I thought about is being dumped on…literally…