Last month in October, I was one of the artists who agreed to do Alive After 5, a monthly food and art venue in Sanford Florida. On my way to go there, I saw the dangerous looking sky following me as I made my way in. I watched the clouds take over as I set my art work up on the sidewalk under the long canopy. At the beginning of the fest, around 5:30pm, a solid rain began to fall, very steady. The street vendors who handle the food were getting wet, but had a great attitude as we all thought it would rain, but then pass over quickly and Octoberfest would proceed as normal. But by a half hour later, the rain came down harder. The street vendors were beginning to move their wares off the streets and under the safety of the canopies lining the streets. The angry thunder banged all around us and then struck it’s lightening bolts so close they looked like they might hit us at anytime. The cooks were fleeing the streets and sidewalks with their food as the 4 forces of rain, thunder, lightening, and wind smacked us solid —  tents went sideways, large umbrellas flew down the street, lights crashed down. I had already packed up my goods under the protection of their plastic and had them against the building waiting out the rain as I looked up 1st street and saw the water washing itself right down the street in flash flood fashion. The people on the sidewalk under the canopies really had nowhere they could go unless they wanted to be totally vulnerable to nature. It was raining and lightening too hard to leave for our cars which were several blocks away. So we all stayed there and watched nature do her thing and do it quite well! Some of the vendors on the streets were soaked and shivering. But there was nothing to do except watch the water parade down the middle of the street and hope the rain would slow down which it finally did and most of us took off and went home.
So this month they replayed Octoberfest and it was a gorgeous night to make up for the horrible time last month! It was in the 80’s and people were thick through the streets. You could see the people lined up waiting in lines all over for the many different dishes brought in. Lots of drinking and lots of music by a polka band at one end and a contemporary band at the other end. Even the moon was full of de-light, and I mean every word of that literally! Even though I didn’t sell a thing, it was still nice to see people I knew and chat and enjoy the other artists and their work. Check out Sanford next month, save the 11th of December and come on down to Alive After 5, eat, drink, and if you are an artist, they give you the free table and don’t charge you a cent to display, it’s good marketing for getting your wares out to the public. All the way around, the event is a winner!