My daughter’s cats have more condos now than they need! There are 3 cats and about 8 kitty condos and one brown box. The condos come in zebra, reds, blues and now a new green one. My daughter could be making a living at adverstising for cat condo rentals if cats could only read the Classifieds and had money. They would love it at her place, so many toys, so many condos, cat treats, places to hide, why it’s cat nirvana!
Her cats go from condo to condo, they do have their favorites, Mussa like’s the red one, Lola, the zebra and Coco seems happy anywhere, but she really seems to like the new green one with the scratch pad. some of the condos sit empty for a while, then one of the cats will sit in it and another one comes by to wait outside and stare at the cat in the condo until the cat leaves, that is when the other cat rushes in to sniff and check out the space that was just abandoned.  These cats are so spoiled. I suppose it is because these are the loves of my daughter’s life. Her eyes light when she talks about these creatures, she gushes about them, we can’t walk into a store where she doesn’t see something ‘perfect’ for them that is “necessary” to their existance.
My cats, (I have 4), are outta luck, there are no condos, no toys, no ‘happy’ items. They sleep on the couch, or a bed, or even a corner and seem to feel satisfied, or am I wrong? I do notice that whenever I get a paper bag from the grocery, or even some plastic bags, my cat, Frankie likes to surround herself with paper walls. She will sit in a paper bag for hours if available.
Now I am feeling guilt…when my daughter goes to work tomorrow, I will go ‘borrow’ one of those condos, repossess it over to my house and see if any of my felines think kitty condos are as great as her cats do. And if by the end of the day, it looks like my cats are in need of some condo ‘space’, I’ll ‘foreclose’ on one of my daughters 8 condos, which one you wonder? Probably the brown box, her cats look at the box like it’s a crack house,  while mine would look at it as a castle…