It is so confusing. I went from my two small older point and shoot digitals to the DSLR, Sony Alpha. I love the Sony’s BUT, I am kind of in buyers remorse because learning to use it is SOOOO confusing. There are so many options and so many settings and the manual is thick and filled with camera talk I do not understand. This is when I understand what an amateur I really am. Should I have just updated my point and shoot? YIKES, I bought it and it is sitting here with two lenses, one was free. When I attach the big one, I feel like the stereotypical tourist walking around stalking the cranes.
I have been stalking the cranes for the past hour as they are here and I have taken all three cameras for auto testing, (auto is the only mode I can relate to for the Alpha). Do I find a difference in my pictures, not yet, but the new one is for learning to do something beyond the ability I now have, that’s where I probably need a class. I am a hands on person, I need a tutor to show me.  ACK! This is really driving me crazy. I hope I can report back soon that I am using the new camera like crazy. I love my small Sony for close ups. I do need a macro lens as I would love to get really close ups on things.
My brain is in auto, just going on without me….help