I don’t know how you sleep, but mainly, I don’t and that’s okay with me because it leaves me with the dark hours of creativity. I usually have to stay busy when I can’t put my mind to bed. That gray matter is absorbing too many ideas. Ah, if only one would make me the big big bucks!

The past few hours I have had ballroom dancing international on and the dancers are amazing with their agility and endless energy. Put me in heels and I crash to the floor — my balance sucks! I must have a light and wobbly core of gravity, could my mother have been a ‘weeble’? Anyway, I admire how these people drift around the floor. This is one image from the contest. The costumes are amazing, they look like birds of paradise in flight when they all swirl about.
For more pics, go to my blogsite as I am trying to finish a small series:
I would love constructive criticism good and bad, anything you say makes me think…