Ut oh, “red in the morning, sailors warning” — what does that mean? Will Hanna brush us or become a full blown cling on? We don’t need extra water! There are still many places that have flooding conditions.  But, hey, we have no control, mother Nature will choose for us.
This morning sunrise was beautiful coming over the lake, the colors so vivid. Even as the sun broke free, the ridge of clouds it emerged triumphant, like a birthing of light. I stood out watching for a bit.  The cardinals are the first birds out, they fly all over looking for breakfast. That was at about 7am. Then the sandhill cranes set down across the lake sounding their loud trumpeting reverberating off the water. After that the rest of the birds woke and there were jays and mockingbirds, red winged blackbirds and blackbirds all crisscrossing the landscape.
Hopefully the tropical storm coming at us will turn north faster than it is supposed to. But behind it is Ike and Josephine, whew, here we go, plenty of subject matter, way too much…