The cranes came and rested by the water this afternoon, they had been missing for a couple days.
Always glad to see them, wonder what they think when they can’t go back to their nest because it is flooded? 
  Tonight the rains came hard and with lightening and thunder. Again I got water in the garage fast, but the toilets flush, thimbs up to plumbing! Fay is still flexing her muscle with this long rain bands so far from her storm. I so want to run outside and scream, “WE HAVE ALL HAD ENOUGH!” But what good will it do? Lot’s of debris to pick up around yard too. I think tonight I have grown tired of all the work in this yard, it never ends! Maybe ready for condo at a beach — then I could have more time to take pictures and fish! I am soooo over weeding, but I still find mowing relaxing, go figure? Oh, and before I forget, thanks to Tabbie for reminding me it’s only Saturday, I have had it in my head all day that it is Sunday…rain has absorbed my mind…