Fay is still not through tormenting us! We have had ‘feeder’ bands off her back side, (the map shows their motion), feeder bands that slam us with periods of rain, not elongated rains, but just shorter intense bursts. Plus they said there have been areas of tornadic activity. Thrills again as we go to bed. The water level is getting pretty high now, a perfect level actually. But they say the St. john’s river won’t get to it’s highest level till mid week and my little lake actually is attached by a canal that goes to the St. Johns, so will have to see if our lake level goes up dramatically like after the 4 hurricanes. Stay tuned for mid week pics and report.
  I included a photo taken today of the cranes old nesting area, it is saturated, hard to believe the cranes nested out there. There must be something more to the instinct of these animals than we even know.  They say to look for signs that water is going to rise by ants building up their nests, or even going to higher ground to find shelter. I guess, we just don’t give animals enough credit for things they predict.
    The cranes have not been here in 2 days which is very unusual. Maybe by Sunday when our weather gets past Fay, they will come back.
    So many people have lost the use of their homes dues to flooding, it’s very sad. Sinkholes are also suddenly appearing too. This seems more like the doom and gloom state doesn’t it? Well, after hurricane season, things will get back to normal and fall will be here and it will once again be a pleasure to work in the garden and sit on the porch without frying. But looking down at the lake is always great, even when it becomes a threat…