Florida is like a giant sponge within 12 hours after a storm. I am running the dishwasher! The toilets flush. The water in the lake at last viewing (9:00am) was high! Can’t believe we went from 1.03 to 3.06 – I am going to measure how much that is, but I think it is close to 8 inches, (the water management has weird measurements. The garage water has shrunk back and has been mopped out, but am still comtemplating how to handle leaking window frame at daughters condo, of course they would have no one to help with that today, maybe Monday someone can look at it they said. I actually grabbed caulk and went out on her second story roof to caulk around the window frame, but the caulk in the gun was bad and dried up and so off I went to get new stuff and the rains came again and the roof is too wet. Tomorrow am I will make that a priority. I’m sure her whole wood frame willl have to be replaced because it has to be rotted and moldy soon, if not now from all the time it took in water and we didn’t know till this storm.
   Hats off to Fay for being big time for a tropical storm, it was the worst ever with all that rain! My yard is still saturated, I see people with tarps and lots of broken tree limbs, and huge front yard puddles! But we made it through without the horrible house flooding that some people exerienced. We have minimal clean up except now for fighting with the condo association I’m sure.
   Tonight is my daughters birthday, we have to go eat something and celebrate that we did okay! I will stop with all the complaining and try to do more wildlife for the next time. Tomorrow I will go fishing in the upgraded lake, for a while yesterday I thought the fish might be coming to me…