The lake adapts to all conditions, it adapts much better than I do. I have seen some highs and lows in the four years I have lived here.  Right now  the dry shore line is overgrown with greenery, mostly non native, (invasive) plants that have succeeded in growing in the places where the water has diminished. I was looking at old photos and it is overwhelming to watch the lake “do it’s thing”. It is also very maddening to see these ‘bad’ plants move in and proliferate without boundaries. My neighbor to the right of me has had her shoreline denuded. I might have to pay for have it done also.  I am not getting down there in vegetation that might be hiding those nasty moccassins. They can have a bite of someone else!
   The picture on top shows the present day water gauges, large and small. Yesterday finally there was enough water that I could read the bottom of the taller gauge again. It has rained enough lately so the smaller gauge is almost back to being underwater. We have had about 9 inches of rain  this month. It’s always better to not see that smaller peak of wood sticking out. A few of my neighbors have had wells run dry these past 3 years,  I have been fortunate so far.
    The water level on the bottom photo was taken about 7 months after our summer of 2004 when we had 4 hurricanes hit us. The water level was quite high, the highest i have experienced here, the “watermark”. I lost a good amount of my back yard to being underwater. It would rain so hard at times, there was no way the septic would permit the toilets to flush until a few hours after the rains stopped and the ground could absorb the excess. Most areas that have lakes only have septic tanks. I would rather have a sewer.
   In that same photo to the right, I still had my big red maple, unfortunately, that fell over one day
after a big wind storm. I have planted another maple in the yard nearby. I miss the shade down by the lake. After the hurricanes I took out 7 trees that could have come down on my house. Those massive pines are the real ‘WMD’s’  of nature around here. They are extremely tall and thick and can snap over easily. After Charlie hit, the neighbors on both sides of me had pines through their homes. My neighbors on the right took another hit a few weeks later when during one of those hurricanes one of my pines clobbered their house. That was a scary reality. I have let several camphor trees come up that are closer to the lake. In a few years they should be really large. Things grow fast around here.
   The fishing in itself does not seem to be affected by the highs and lows, some days are just lousy all year round, like last night. I stood there fishing and sweating with nothing biting. Then finally gave in and decided to water my garden as there has been no rain in two days. I was still sweating and thought I was going to pass out from the stagnant heat! I went inside with the help of my neighbor who happened to be outside at the time. Whoo – I am not going to stand out there like that again in such volumnous heat. There wasn’t a breeze anywhere and to add insult, no fish to catch either, they were probably down deep where it was cooler water, in that case, they had more sense than me.